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Questions I ask Before I Read a Book: Who Endorsed it?

The effective endorser list of people on a book has two main reasons for existing: (1) to have experts in a field lend a credible voice to a work and (2) to get those same experts/influencers excited about your book ahead of time. Ideally it’s not just a list of famous/semi-famous people willing to write something.

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School Libraries and the Most Important Thing a Kid Can Do to Improve Their Life

I recently came across an instance (and since then, a few more instances) of a school district announcing plans to change their school librarians' focus away from books/reading and changing them into "Innovation Specialists." Uhhhhhh. What?! ...This trainwreck of an idea is still unfolding....

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What I Learned From the Seven Most Important Books I’ve Ever Read

When we read certain books at certain times in our lives they smack us right in the face. Had I read some of these books a few years earlier or later, they would have objectively been just as good, but perhaps they wouldn’t have had the impact on me that they did then.

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I Went to Amazon’s Physical Bookstore And…

In most respects, it was everything a bookstore should and could be. As a book publisher, I took the whole experiment as a personal challenge to improve the quality and veracity of books that people want to read. Here were my biggest nine impressions after spending an hour at the newest bookstore in Chicago.

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