Randall Payleitner


Book Review #2: Valley of Vision

Rare is the work that merits owning multiple copies just in case one must be given away in a pinch. Even rarer still is a work that comprises old language from 200 and even 300 years ago, which still speaks immediately to today.

The Valley Of Vision is just such a book.

Every person even mildly interested in glimpsing the struggles and celebrations of the Christian life well-lived must read this book. These 193 two-page prayers can be read alone, in conjunction with Bible study, prayed aloud, read straight-through or sporadically, or even read as a means to understand valuable history. However you choose to read this book—please do choose to read it.

With your Bible in one hand and Valley of Vision in the other your walk with God will be well-equipped.


Pivotal Excerpt:

Keep me sensible of my weakness,

and of my dependence upon thy strength.

Let every trial teach me more of thy peace,

more of they love. (311)


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