Randall Payleitner


Book Review #10: Winning

Jack Welch was the CEO of GE for several decades—he led the charge at one of the world’s most important and diversified companies just as digital technology began to change everything. There was a fuzzy gray area for about 20 years from the mid-1980s to the mid-2000s when technology wrapped its tentacles around nearly every aspect of business. And those leading then had lots of unclear paths down which to run. 

This is his second book—less focused on his own life/career and more focused on helping anyone who works for any company succeed wherever they are. From getting promoted to dealing with terrible bosses to managing people to merging two companies together—Welch covers the gamut. He speaks and leads with specificity, which is refreshing in a land filled with used up generalities.

Winning is clearly pulled together from a wide range of data points, stories, and experiences, so it suffers a bit from the old “trying to cover too much ground” syndrome, but the end result still stands strong…  Even twelve years after publication this book will help any employee navigate the finer points of what it takes to succeed in business. This should not be confused with succeeding in life, other books will do better to help you with that.


Pivotal Excerpt:

A concrete mission is great. And values that describe specific behaviors are great too. But for a company’s mission and values to truly work together as a winning proposition, they have to be mutually reinforcing. (21)

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