Randall Payleitner


Book Review #10: Winning

Jack Welch, former CEO of GE, focuses on helping anyone who works for any company succeed wherever they are. From getting promoted to dealing with terrible bosses to managing people to merging two companies together—Welch covers the gamut. He speaks and leads with specificity, which is refreshing in a land filled with used up generalities.

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How I Retain What I Read

I read mostly non-fiction. Over the years I’ve tried reading and retaining on my iPad (which mostly sits and gets dusty these days). I’ve listened to audiobooks, which I enjoy very much, but audiobook retention seems to be a hopeless case as well. These non-500 year old technologies are great for serial reading, but less great for actually remembering and referencing the content.

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Book Review #9: China Road

It was the early 2000’s—before the Beijing Olympics, but after the great migration from the country to the cities had begun. Gifford’s journey, more than any other modern road trip book I’ve read, encapsulates a very specific window of a country’s history. China was rising, but how fast? Could it sustain itself? Did it want to?

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Don’t Treat Your Reader Like an Idiot

Authors of great books know it takes a certain amount of smarts on the reader’s end to be picking up a book in the first place. The great ones don’t start at the very beginning of time—explaining all the background details in order—for no reason. It needs to be less “classroom lecture” and more “guided historical monument tour.”

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I Went to Amazon’s Physical Bookstore And…

In most respects, it was everything a bookstore should and could be. As a book publisher, I took the whole experiment as a personal challenge to improve the quality and veracity of books that people want to read. Here were my biggest nine impressions after spending an hour at the newest bookstore in Chicago.

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